Travel to Meno Island Villas

Meno Island Villas is located in the very centre of Gili Meno amongst the coconut palms. It is a short 5 minute walk (400M) to the beaches on each side of the island and a 10 minute walk to the harbour.

There are direct boats to Gili Meno from:

 Gili Trawangan * Gili Air * Lombok * Lembongan * And Bali

For boat times from, Gili Trawngan, Gili Air and Lombok see the timetable below.


If you would like to book a fast boat from Bali to Gili Meno,  and Lembongan. Then  fill out the form below.


Fast Boat companies that have daily boats direct to Gili Meno are: Ekajaya, Sindex, and Scoot.


All fast boat tickets are booked through a travel agent, who works closely with Meno Island Villas, and are not booked through Meno Island Villas. We have added this page to provide our guests with clear information and a reliable Company/agent for booking their travel to Meno Island Villas.


For an open return ticket, Bali – Gili Meno – Bali. The price is Rp500,000 Per person.

For an open return ticket, Bali – Gili Meno – Lembongan – Bali. The price is Rp 750,000 Per person.


Some hotel pick-up locations will incur an extra fee.

Fast boat reservation

Boat Timetable


Public boat From Lombok (Bangsal) to Gili Meno

9:00     Rp14000

14:00   Rp25000

17:00   Rp25000

Fast boat From Lombok (Bangsal) to Gili Meno

9:45    Price: Rp85000

every hour until